Thousands join walkathon to beat diabetes


People from all walks of life took part in the eighth annual walkathon organised to raise awareness about diabetes at the Oxygen Park in the Education City. Orgnaised by Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) and Landmark, the ‘Beat Diabetes’ walkathon saw over 9,000 people taking part in the 1.5 km walk in the park and other activities such as blood sugar screening, educative sessions about the disease and physical activities like zumba.

The walkathon was part of the World Diabetes Day (WDD), which is observed on November 14.

“Our message to the community is diabetes is a burden. You have to know how to avoid it. Just doing simple things like eating healthy food and exercising will help beat diabetes,” QDA Executive Director Dr Abdulla al Hamaq told Qatar Tribune. He said events like this had an impact in the past. “Next year we will organise the WDD at the Oxygen Park and we hope to reach 10,000 figure,” he said about the turnout.

The event gave people an opportunity to be screened for blood glucose, he added. “In November, people from all over the world take part in walks to mark the WDD. We organise our walkathon annually to create awareness about diabetes and to recognise the people living with diabetes,” he said.

Landmark Group Qatar COO Santosh Pai said,”Every year, this platform helps to remind people of the magnitude of the threat posed by diabetes and the ease with which the condition can be managed.”

“Through the Beat Diabetes initiative, Landmark Group encourages people to stay proactive about their own health and the well-being of their loved ones. We want people to make a conscious effort to lead healthier lifestyles and regularly monitor their blood glucose levels. These are essential to the long-term health of our family, community and nation,” he said.