In line with the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Children, the State of Qatar recognizes that “The child is entitled to have the highest attainable standard of health, ….and shall take appropriate measures to ensure the provision of necessary medical assistance and health care to all children”.


As more children with diabetes attend schools, it logically follows that schools must have the ability to deal with the students both from a medical point of view and their psychosocial well-being.


The Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) program the “Rights of the Students with Diabetes at School” aims to give these students a safe and positive academic environment which ensures the following:

  • The health safety of the student while on school premises
  • The opportunity/right for full participation in all school activities
  • The protection from diabetes acute complications that pose a risk to student safety and may affect the learning process

This aims to foster a health awareness and ensure the proper environment that allows students living with diabetes to succeed academically and socially.


We work to ensure that the rights of the child with diabetes are protected early on in the schooling process through:

  • The freedom of parents to choose the most appropriate school for their child to attend
  • The presence of a nurse hired by the school to carry on the tasks that constitute a proper management of the disease while the child is at school


As the school year progresses we work on providing knowledge and support to nurses and school personnel in delivering the best care to the student protecting his/her rights and ability to take care of his/her diabetes without problems.


QDA enlist the help of all organizations involved in the field of education and child protection in their advocacy efforts to protect and implement the rights of children with diabetes.
We also advocate the rights of the adult worker especially when it related to his diabetes and its care and management during the working day.