Facilities & Services

Diabetes is currently the most prevalent chronic disease in the world affecting all age groups including children, women, youth and adults.


Qatar prevalence rates are currently double the global rate. Qatar Diabetes Association aims to establish and promote awareness of diabetes management through the following facilities & services.

  • School awareness lectures on diabetes prevention.
  • School personnel training on diabetes management at schools.
  • Awareness on diabetes prevention in work places.

  • Educational camps and workshops for children with diabetes.
  • Diabetes prevention camp for the youth.

  • Education and counselling for people with diabetes.
  • Weight reduction consultation for people at risk of diabetes.
  • Education and training on the use of insulin pump.
  • Training on the use of glucose sensors.
  • Using the kitchen to educate kids about healthy food.

  • Education on foot care for people with diabetes.

  • One on one consultation on diabetes care and management for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • Education on diabetes management during pregnancy.
  • Education on pre Ramadan diabetes management.
  • Screening for eye, foot, and other diabetes complications.
  • Training on the use of monitoring devices, e.g. glucometers and blood pressure machines.


According to the International Diabetes Federation, diabetes prevalence has been exhibiting an “unrelenting increase” in the past decades. QDA is committed to promote healthy living and work on controlling the rise in diabetes incidence by offering.

  • QDA services free of charge to all the community.
  • Diabetes glucometers, sensors and other accessories are available at reduced price.