Reverse Walk 3rd March 2017 – Aspire Park


Moving forward by walking in reverse. This is the California Tortilla Reverse Walk™ in association with Qatar Diabetes Association. Spread awareness on diabetes and take steps to a healthier lifestyle in a fun-filled event was on March 3rd, 2017. The reverse walk is yearly event, as a way to promote good health at the same time raise awareness to health issues as well as contributing to doing well to and for local charities. Thousands of people from different walks of life will attend the event.

As part of the social and humanitarian activities, QDA was very actively participated the last years as well this year 2017 and the event started at 3:00 pm Through the QDA booth 387 patients were measured blood glucose and found a 36 number of patient high in glucose and numbers of people are found in pre-diabetes. Some of those patients are having medication and remaining patients are come to know during the test. Those patients are referred to QDA clinic.

On behalf of Qatar Diabetes Association, Maryam Al Hamaq, Nedaa Alkhateeb, Ayah Hassan, Fathima Hashim are take care of the blood monitoring and also they gave counseling for those needed. Beside 6 medical volunteers (various health centers) are supported for measuring blood glucose.

The organizing committee, Nehmah Company has extent their sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. Abdulla Al Hamaq, QDA Executive Director for the usual support and help. The campaign finished at 7:00 pm.