Qatar Diabetes Association to host Diabetes Symposium “Fasting safely with Diabetes”


Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) in association with Sanofi has holds a symposium on 15th April 2017 Saturday on the topic ‘Fasting safely with Diabetes’ at Weston Hotel Doha.
The event is part of QDA’s annual activities prior to Ramadan and healthcare practitioners dealing with diabetes patients across the country are expected to take part in the programme. Dr Mohamed Hassanein consultant in endocrinology, Dubai Hospital, and senior lecturer, Cardiff University, UK, as well as chair of Diabetes and Ramadan International Alliance, lead the symposium.
According to the organisers, the symposium targets healthcare providers who are running diabetic clinics at Hamad Medical Corporation, Primary Health Care Corporation and private hospitals. The symposium will give inputs for the physicians and other healthcare professionals on advising diabetes patients to manage their health while fasting during Ramadan. It will also give inputs to be conveyed to people with diabetes about whether to fast or not, depending on their cases.
In Qatar, the Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) is endorsing the new guidelines to ensure maximum uptake amongst the healthcare community and people living with the condition. Throughout these guidelines, we aim to ensure that people with diabetes are aided with the best tools to manage their health throughout the holy month of Ramadan,” said executive director Dr Abdullah Al-Hamaq.
High emphasis has been laid on the importance of individualization within a diabetes management plan. For instance, the Ramadan Nutrition Plan aims to provide health care practitioners with information to help them individualize nutrition for people with diabetes during Ramadan.