Qatar Diabetes Association lunches 5th regional youth diabetes Al-Tahadi Camp 2015


Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), is hosting its fifth ‘Youth Diabetes Al Tahadi’ Camp, targeting young people living with Type 1 Diabetes.

The camp is taking place this week at Al Shaqab Hotel at Qatar Foundation’s Education City where 40 participants aged between 12-16 years-old from Qatar and other GCC nations are gathered.

QDA’s ‘Youth Diabetes Al Tahadi’ Camp is the latest initiative supported by Qatar Foundation to address immediate social needs in the community by raising awareness of management and prevention of diabetes.

Throughout the week-long camp, the young people will be taking part in a number of sports, educational, religious and leisure activities, in addition to attending special workshops for self- empowerment and talent development.

A professional team of experts, coaches, nutritionists and educators are also on hand at the camp to enhance participants’ skills in self-care and diabetes management. Lekhwiya, Qatar’s Internal Security Force, is also providing participants with self-defense training techniques.

Dr Abdullah Al Hamaq, Executive Director at Qatar Diabetes Association, said: “Our aim for the ‘Youth Diabetes Al Tahadi’ Camp this week is to empower young people affected by diabetes, help them control the disease and limit its damage through educational and moral support. We want them to understand the importance of their role in society and encourage them to engage with others, as well as develop their personalities.

“The programs of the camp combine sports and fun along with education and support for the teenagers with diabetes, as well as providing them with the tools they need to live happy, healthy, balanced lives.”

Dr Al Hamaq continued: “We plan to take the camp to the next level in the future by hosting participants from across the region and around the world.”

Mr. Mohamed Al Saadi, Manager of the ‘Youth Diabetes Al Tahadi’ Camp, said: “Such camps help young people with diabetes integrate into society. People with diabetes usually do notacknowledge their problem, however, once they see how well others cope with the disease; a change begins and they start to look at their condition from a new and more positive perspective.”

Dr Al Hamaq expressed his appreciation to Al Shaqab Hotel for its cooperation in hosting the camp, the GCC participants for their presence, in addition to the parents for recognizing the importance of educating children about diabetes as well as the benefits of leading healthy and productive lives.

Dr Al Hamaq also extended his gratitude to Lekhwiya, and both the Student Centre and Recreation Centre at Qatar Foundation for their valuable contribution to the camp.