Important tips for ‪‎diabetics‬ people‬


Important tips for ‪‎diabetics people:

  • Maintain a normal blood sugar level or at least make sure it doesn’t go beyond the target numbers for your case, this helps in avoiding foot complications.
  • Daily foot checkups & examination helps you noticing the tiny problems and enable you to treat them before it is too late.
  • Choose the appropriate medical shoes for your feet.
  • Open shoes “sandals” doesn’t protect the feet from any possible injury. Try to wear close shoes, avoid the tight and the high heels ones.
  • People with ‪diabetes need to take precautions more than others in order to avoid foot injuries, because they may not feel any pain when injured as a result of the “diabetic neuropathy”.
  • People with diabetes also need to have regular feet examination by foot specialists or health care providers.
  • Never walk barefoot.
  • Always check inside the shoe before wearing it. Tiny clusters that may be found in the shoes create new pressure points that may cause wounds as well.
  • People with diabetes are recommended to wear clean, light colored cotton socks on daily basis, avoid the rough texture socks or the ones that are too tight.
  • Always check the water temperature with your hand or your elbow before washing your feet, make sure you wash them with warm water. Also, never walk barefoot on hot a surface.
  • Stop ‪‎smoking.