Diabetes at Work

Diabetes in the Work Place.JPGThis program was first implemented in November 2009, in which QDA tries to reach people in their work place in different organizations, and offer Diabetes Awareness program at their premises with these objectives:

  • First step of this program is to offer screening for all employees. Undiagnosed diabetes is very costly both from a health point of view and from the economical consideration.
  • Controlling blood sugar saves the employee and the company money in the long run as well as the improvement of productivity and job satisfaction.
  • A close look at the insurance coverage offered to patients; does it facilitate management of diabetes, does it cover meter and strips, does it encourage prevention vs. treatment.
  • Make sure the workplace is free of prejudice against the worker with diabetes. Understanding the condition is the first step to accepting a colleague with diabetes.
  • If the company supplies food in the staff cafeteria, a dietician needs to work with the food supply staff to ensure that healthy balanced meals are being served
  • Making exercising part of the company culture by offering a gym on site, discounted gym membership and employee and their families outings for walkathon or parks.

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