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Health care - Health and advocacyDuring the Convention of the Rights of Children, Qatar signed the documents that among other things states: “the child is entitled to have the highest attainable standard of health, and the right to use any treatment and health rehabilitation facilities. The country is committed to provide the community with medical and preventative care, as well as health education”.

As more children with diabetes attend schools, it logically follows that schools must have the ability to deal with them both from a medical point of view as well as psychosocial issues that may arise.

The Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) program of the “Rights of the Students with Diabetes at School” aim to give these students a safe and positive studying environment which ensures the following:

  • The safety of the student while on school premises
  • Opportunity for full participation in all school activities
  • A reduction in acute complications that might affect the students learning process
  • The eventual prevention of diabetes related complications in the short as well as the long term

All of this will foster a healthy awareness and ensure the proper environment which will allow students living with diabetes to succeed academically and socially.

We work to ensure that the rights of the child with diabetes are protected both at the beginning of his school such as the freedom to choose which school to attend, a nurse hired by the school to take care of him or her then as the school year progresses we work on protecting his rights and ability to take care of his diabetes without problems.

QDA enlist the help of all organizations involved in the field of education and child protection in all of their advocacy efforts to protect and implement the rights of children with diabetes.

We also advocate the rights of the adult worker especially when it related to his diabetes and its care and management during the working day.

Our advocacy works may involve working with any of these agencies:

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