What We Do

what-we-do.jpgQatar Diabetes Association aims to establish and promote awareness of diabetes and its prevention throughout the population. The QDA mission is to encourage healthy lifestyle adaptations which will help reduce the risk of its diagnosis in the future.

  • The Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) provides education, training and support for the patient with diabetes or is at risk of getting it.
    Some of the services we offer at QDA:

    • Diabetes and dietetic education and support
    • Foot clinic
    • Retinal camera
    • Healthy Kitchen
    • Insulin pump support and education
    • Male and female Gym for QDA members
  • QDA works with the patients, their families and their schools or work place in order to make their surroundings diabetes safe, healthy and supportive.

  • QDA also works with their health care professional to improve and update their knowledge which will in turn help improve the patients’ care management plan.

We have many community outreach programs, such as:

  • Diabetes awareness programs at Schools and workplace

  • Family activities, Walkathons and community assessment of diabetes or its risk

  • Programs to support the newly diagnosed patients

  • Diabetes Prevention Camps

  • Regional Children with Diabetes Camps –Al Bawasil Camp

  • Adolescents with diabetes camp- Al Tahadi Camp

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