Conferences & Symposiums

QDA constantly aims to share the latest information on advancements in diabetes care with the healthcare community. This ensures highly professional standards from health care professionals working with, and caring for people with diabetes in Qatar. QDA sponsors a yearly Conference on diabetes offered to the medical personnel who are interested in diabetes and its related issues

The conferences provide expert knowledge and information sharing by presenting the latest advances in the management of diabetes, cardio-metabolic diseases.

Leading physicians and diabetologists from all around the world present their research during the conferences. QDA hopes that these important conferences help increase awareness of diabetes as a major health crisis and contribute to the prevention, early diagnosis, and effective management of the disease.

Family and Diabetes Symposium


The Qatar Diabetes Association has always worked on improving  the level of knowledge of the health care providers who is in the field of diabetes management, the theme of World Diabetes Day 2018 is Family & diabetes, therefore the Qatar Diabetes Association in…